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October, 2016

This documentation records a series of disassembled narratives embedded in denim garments and objects through experimentation and the abstraction of self-contained knowledge. The foundations of this project reveal the key elements that shape contemporary definitions of denim archetypes by exploring the various phases and expressions of denim, including its material techniques & processes, and commercial applications.

1. The Flat, the shape & The form
2. Indigo Co-relation
3. The laundry effect
4. Heavy duty

The laundry effect

The project refers to the "laundry effect" as reinterpreting the industrial process of washing denim. This series experiments with processes, techniques and their possible applications. It extends to interrogating the craft, the notion of 'error' or 'seconds' in industrialization and replication.

1  Dust collected from Industrial Laundry in Melbourne, 2016

Laundry visit, scrapping process and denim dust (Don Matías town, Colombia, 2015)
3  Material development, denim dust that remains from the scraping process, on silk

Images by Carlos Lopez Gigio

Documentation images