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‘Sea and Seeing’ S!X


1 ‘Ubiquitous Commodity ♶’

2 Images by 
Tiahne Frederic

3 Event Poster
Video Journal documented through found plastic.

Shown as part of ‘Sea and Seeing’ Fashion intervention of Wild Hope by S!X, Design Hub Gallery

‘An immersive event pushing the boundaries of fashion today. Ongoing collaboration between designers Denise Sprynskyj and Peter Boyd (S!X , Melbourne) and the Brasilis Collective (Brazil), alongside other local Australian creative practitioners, to redefine luxury by transforming single-use plastics from ocean garbage patches into luxury fashion items.’

Australian Participants:
Angela Finn
Hannah Berry
Emma Blackmore
Marni Stuart
Text by Sean Ryan
Projection by Vanessa Duque Camacho
Choreography by Laura Banfield
Models by Jira Models
Hair by Simon Setter
Music by Jimmy James
Make-up by Ebony Barrera