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Collaboration with MattFinish

Images by Agnieszka Chabros, talent: People 

1 "Leather Sofa" - Silk Patch Tee,

2-3 “Church lady” -overdyed and faded jeans & Mid blue Jeans

4-5 “Faceless” - Overdyed deep indigo Jeans with silk bonded layer

“Tote” - Low Rise Jean, repurposing souvenir tote bags
MATT FINISH is a reuse project led by photographer Agnieszka Chabros, the collaboration centred around intervening found clothing through images and photography and creating one-off garments. For this collaboration, I selected images from Agnieska's archive that captured subtle everyday moments and intimate relationships with our living, spaces, and people. Responding to the materiality of the pre-loved garments, disassembling and creating spaces for the images to be incorporated. And considering multiple readings by wearing the garment, its relationship with the image application, and viewing it from different angles. I hope the jeans continue to capture the wearer's character and that the original images are constantly personalised, edited and repaired, building a beautiful image with wearing.