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‘Kids in Fashion’ by Adele Varcoe 

Images by Agnieszka Chabros

1 Lookbook spreads by Adele Varcoe

2 ‘Jeans and a t-shirt you can’t put on’ 

PHASE 1- Drawing & Designing the collection

4  PHASE 2 - Presenting the Collection

Designed by kids and interpreted and realised by Melbourne makers, Kids in Fashion is a live artwork that invites kids to design and create their own vision of Fashion.
Fashion show presented at the Space Arts and Dance Centre, part of Melbourne Fringe 2018.

Creative Producer - Dan Koop | Performance Director - Merophie Carr | Lighting Designer & Production Manager - Paul Lim | Designs by -Jane, Lola, Ethan, Chelsie, Yarran, Poppy, Eva, and Vu | Interpreted and Realised by - Jane Morley, Vanessa Duque, Amber Reese, Elisa Keeler, Jessie Kiely, Blake Barnes, Cassandra Wheat, and Lauren Cray, Josephine MacPherson, Kristine O’loughlin, Xiaoru Jiang, Zexin Zhang, Angel Ang, Adrian Wiley, Fotini Kazakeou, Danika Hill, Shaye-Anne Singline, Isabella Nolan, Kirsten Olsen, William Sullivan, Carla Zoumpoukas, Georga Stewart, Isabella Demartini, Olivia Fagan, and Christy Monica