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 Mpavillion x RMIT

Nov, 2017

Collaboration with RMIT School of Fashion and Textiles and Mpavillion. Intimate and immersive showcase at the temporal installation 2017 designed by renowned Netherlands–based architects Rem Koolhaas and David Gianotten of OMA.

Show invitation Directed & Produced by Antuong Nguyen
Designers: Jessie Kiely, Amber Reese, Ling Li & Vanessa Duque
Director of Photography: Hossein Khodabandehlo | Original music by Sam Gil | Sound Design by Ryan Granger & Adam Hun | Title Design by Sam Chishol | Talent Julia from People Agency


Images by Lucas Dawson

Show Program designed by Karina Soraya

Images by Sonny Vandevelde

Images by Zoe Kostopoulos

Thank you to Ricarda Bigolin, Stuart Walford,  Xeneb Allen, Annabel Sloane, Audrey Schmidt, Will Duan, and all of the organizers and sponsors for all of their effort and contribution in making the show.